Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions, but wondering if it's already been answered? Maybe the answer lies below. We get a lot of questions, so we've created this page in hopes of speeding things up. Contact us if this page doesn't answer your questions.

A workshop consists of four, two hour classes in either English or math. In that workshop, different SAT and ACT topics are covered each of the four nights. If a student takes both Math and English workshops, the student will get 16 hours of instruction and practice.

Once you register you will be given the choice to send us a check in the mail or to pay using Paypal. Note that Paypal does charge a fee of 2.9% + $0.30.

David Tastor has 20 years of teaching experience as an English teacher, 18 years teaching honors, AP and IB English classes. He has 12 years of SAT and ACT preparation experience. Scott Becker has 19 years of teaching experience as a mathematics teacher, including 12 years teaching honors, AP, and IB mathematics classes. He has 12 years of SAT and ACT preparation experience. (NOTE: As of 2016)

When we decided to start doing test preparation it was because we did not feel that the companies providing the services were giving our students what they needed. We felt that there was too much focus on the strategies; the idea that you could "beat the test". Our workshops are content focused - we do our best to make sure that our students understand the actual content on which they will be tested. We cover test strategy as part of the workshops but we do it as part of the content instruction.

The changes to the SAT have made it very similar in content and delivery to the ACT. Because content instruction is our focus, this will allow us to prepare students for both tests. Each test will have a unique format which is easily explained to the students; the test-taking strategies we teach can be applied to both exams.

We offer these services as our schedules allow. You can contact us directly to find out if we currently have any availability.  There is currently individual SAT/ACT tutoring available on a limited basis in the English subjects only.

We have set up the workshops so that students who only need help preparing for one subject do not have to attend classes and pay for the subject they do not need. The large majority of our students do take the workshops for both subjects but we want you to choose what works best for you. The exception to this are the SAT/ACT Summer Institutes, which include both subjects during the five day intensive workshop.

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